Building Cardio Capacity

Feeling pleased with myself that I actually got myself to swimming on time today for a change, so that I could do a full 20 minutes. (I woke up at 5:30, which definitely helped with making at 8:25 a.m. swim time.)

My goal right now is to build up my cardio capacity, which is very poor — I can walk on the flat for hours, but anything requiring more exertion than walking, I run out of breath. I may have mild exercise-induced asthma; it’s on my to-do list to try using an inhaler before exercise. So 20 minutes swimming a few times / week, not setting any speed or lap goals, just trying to keep moving in the water. Hoping to work up to 30-minutes within a few weeks, and also shift to swimming an hour earlier, at 7.

Am posting this photo (and yes, it’s a little stressful posting swimsuit photos of myself where the whole world can see, I deserve all the cookies), mostly:

a) to note that yay, the swimsuit I sewed for myself this weekend totally held up great to actually swimming laps, huzzah! Thanks to Helen’s Closet for the great pattern, with SO many detailed instructions for the beginner.

b) to be amused that coincidentally, I happened to be wearing a matching mask (it was in my jacket pocket) — at the Y right now, we’re supposed to keep masks on unless we’re actually swimming, so I was wearing it as I walked to the pool

c) to note that I’ve managed to adjust my goggles so they actually keep the water out; they’re not super-comfortable, but they’re fine, and it *is* nice to be able to see the bottom of the pool without having stinging eyes at the end of the session, thanks for the goggle recs, folks. I got the Speedo Vanquisher (isn’t that a great name?), link in comments.


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