Smugly Virtuous

Woot! I went to bed early because I’m still under the weather from this cold (the internet tells me that colds generally take 7-10 days to resolve, or up to 2 weeks, which at least makes me feel like I’m not being particularly put upon with this cold, since symptoms showed up on Sunday), and as a result, I woke up at 5 a.m., which was great!

I spent half an hour goofing off on my phone in bed, then got up, had tea and meds, lit some candles and a stick of incense, put on music, and opened up the e-mail with the copyedits for “Hush,” due today. I realized that my current students and Serendib staff might find the copyediting details interesting, so I saved copies of the copyedited manuscript and sent them to them.

And then, without being avoidant about it at all, I spent 20-30 minutes on actually copyediting the manuscript. And finished it! And sent it back to my editor! Amazingly, I did not wait until the last possible minute, stressing the whole while.

I am now planning to feel smugly virtuous all day, regardless of whether I get anything else done.

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