Garden Log 3/1/22

There was a lot of transplanting and starting new seeds the last few days, which I didn’t take the time to log, so please just consider it as read that any given day this time of year, I may spend 15-30 minutes puttering with the seedlings. at the very least, checking in and watering thems that need it.

I’m not sure what to do with these, though. They’re petunias, and the seeds were very tiny, so I scattered a bunch in each cell, but they all seem to have sprouted. Am I really supposed to thin it down to one seedling / cell? I have gotten used to a little judicious thinning, but this feels like a wholesale slaughter.

And yet, Mary Anne, when they are all fully-grown petunias, how do you think they’re going to fit in that little cell?

I don’t know! [throws up her hands in bewilderment and dismay]

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