A Dramatic Temperature Shift

San Jacinto Peak: The tram is one of the largest (possibly the largest?) in the country with a rotating floor, which is a very nice amenity that lets you chill out in one place and get great views for the whole 11 minute trip. It’s not scary — the kids on there with me seemed fine. There’s a bit once in a while when you’re hitting a station and it sways for a second, and your stomach starts to drop out from under you, but that just makes it fun.

The windows on the tram stay open (at least some of them), so dress appropriately. This is all about layers — I was hot in a tank top at the bottom of the trip, and by the time I’d gotten to the top, I was glad I could layer up with sweater and scarf — and most people were wearing jackets! I’m not sure I’ve ever been through such a dramatic temperature shift in such a short time. Cool.

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