Better Get Hustling

I took a little time today to try to figure out where I am on all the Jump Space-related book projects. I think at last count, I have AT LEAST 7 (!) books I want to write in this universe. I’d better get hustling.


Jump Space

– revise “Hush” for (URGENT)
– search for and integrate any remaining “Thin Air” crits
– pull out “Thin Air” and submit to Clarkesworld, etc.
– finalize and submit “Let Us Not Speak of Weddings” to Clarkesworld, etc.
– revise story: from Indenture opening?
– draft story: Mango Trees
– draft story: Warrior

– draft story: Amara’s adoption?

JUMP SPACE (99% done):
– write interludes for Part One
– search for and integrate any remaining “Thin Air” crits
– do clean-up edits from Pendragons
– integrate Dan’s critique
– look at Jed JS book questions
– draft timeline (figure out dating system)
– draft family genealogies
– draft universe map

– give Jed Jump Space to look at

LIMINAL SPACE (95% done, possible first book in 3-5 book series):
– do a pass on Liminal Space for beauty and theme
– research agents

– submit Liminal Space to agents (talk to Russ’s person one last time first?)

INDENTURE (at ICFA?) (50% done, first book in 3 book series)

– go back in and expand to novel-length


– continue drafting

SHATTERED (3% done):

– continue drafting


– start drafting (make sure there’s a trans character?)

THREE OF HEARTS (romance, first book in ongoing romance series?) / connected to JS RPG — rename after ship, like Serenity?

– start drafting

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