Saris in Sci-Fi

EDITING TO NOTE: Please don’t recommend Avarasala from The Expanse, as I already mentioned her in this post, so clearly I know about her…

…and also, I only want to know about saris (and only in science fiction, not fantasy, please).

Not sarongs, salwar kameez, lehengas, churidar, lungi, or any other vaguely South Asian-ish clothing items, thanks! They are not the same, and I admit, I’m a little startled that I need to specify that, but here we are.


Okay, here’s a research question for you — I was trying to think if I’ve ever seen saris in science fiction, aside from my own work. I’m guessing that maybe Vandana Singh might have written some, but I’m not remembering any off-hand…

Saris on other planets, saris in spacesuits, saris on space ships — actually, the ONE example I can think of, and it’s a mighty one, is Avarasala in The Expanse. Any others I’m not thinking of? There must be more.

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