Working on Silence and the Word Cover

Working with Emmanuel Henderson today on the cover of Silence and the Word — a book of mine from quite some time ago, that will now be available as an ebook, woot! The plan is to try releasing it on Kindle Unlimited, which is new for me — would love to hear anything about the program, positives, negatives, tips, etc.

I feel a little like I’m going to be dropping a book into a void, which is nothing like a normal release. We’re not allowed to sell it anywhere else while it’s on Kindle Unlimited (for three months). Weird!

We’d hoped to drop it on Valentine’s Day, but even thought we’re ALMOST done, we do need to tweak the cover just a bit more, and Stephanie Bailey needs to add a little more material (links to other books of mine) to the end, and then submit it to Amazon, which may take a few days for approval.

But I think it’ll come out Valentine’s week, which is appropriate since it’s got a fair bit erotica, essays about sex, romantic poems — along with a few other things. 🙂

Watch this space!

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