Garden Log 1/22/24

So, I planted this green Brasil philodendron (left) many months ago in my bathroom, with visions of it climbing wildly, using little clips to attach it to the wall, so that eventually I’d have a jungly wall in the master bath. I blame Gardener’s World — I think Monty Don visited an apartment where the young man had just COVERED his walls in vining green plants.

Instead of vining wildly, though, it just sat there, doing basically nothing, for months.

My forgetting to water it much might have had something to do with that, or possibly it wasn’t getting enough light — it’s not a sunny spot, though there’s a lot of indirect natural light. Maybe I should add a grow light?

But today, I went ahead and added a tradescantia / inch plant, which is supposed to grow super-fast. We’ll see! That wall-mounted pot may be too shallow to hold a really substantial plant, but it should be enough soil to hold it for a while, at least.

Will the tradescantia out-compete the philo? Will they co-exist happily? Will its success spur the philo to better performance (maybe if I remember to water more often?)

We’ll see what happens. 🙂

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