Scarves and Witchers

Sewed a few scarves last night while watching Witcher in the basement with Kevin. (We’re up to season 2, episode 5 — the show is sort of silly and very over-the-top, but it’s grown on me, I can’t quite say why!) This is Kavi’s “Heartplanets” design, and I’m unreasonably fond of it.

We’ll have a few available at the Valentine’s sale on the 12th — if they don’t sell out first! Which reminds me that I need to actually set up that event for locals — Alix Mikesell will be joining me, selling her gorgeous jewelry.

I admit, Kevin and I are mostly very chill about Valentine’s Day these days, and Jed and I ditto. After 20+ years, the pressure’s off, you know? But every once in a while, it’s nice to surprise your sweetie with an unexpected present. 🙂

These chiffon scarves will be $25 each, added to the shop shortly, although if you know you want one, best to comment below to secure it!

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