Starting as I Mean to Go On

Hope everyone is having a happy New Year’s Day. Here at Serendib House, I’m trying to start as I mean to go on, which means:

• I’ve been straightening up cluttered rooms, getting them in good shape for going on with life and work; it’s all so much easier when I can FIND supplies I know I have…

• finishing up half-started projects. I have SO MANY half-started projects! And since I’m trying to be particularly good about budget in the next three months, finishing up these and using supplies I already have on hand will help a lot

• trying to take it easy and not stress about getting masses done every day. Can you put it on your task list to relax? I think maybe I have to.

Today I’ve been watching the latest season of Midsomer Murders while clearing up the basement, polishing resin jewelry, and finishing up some sewing projects. I may be sipping a passionfruit mimosa with last night’s champagne while I do so.

Why is fictional murder so relaxing? I have no idea.


Pictured here — after all the mask sewing I was doing for other people, I’ve finally just finished up one I meant to do for myself — a paired mask and scarf in my own block-print style trees pattern, on a silver background that should go nicely with my periwinkle winter coat.

And hey, periwinkle is apparently the color of the year this year, so even though I’ve had the coat for a decade, it should look particularly stylish this winter. 🙂

Important note: I plan to actually wear the cloth mask with a surgical mask underneath, even though my cloth mask does have a filter sewn in, especially when I’m going through high-traffic areas, like the airport on the way to Santa Fe next week.

Please do upgrade your mask game, folks! Hospitals are getting overwhelmed with lots of healthcare workers out ill, wait times are getting long for non-COVID cases, let’s do what we can to ease the burden on them, especially in the next month, as we get the twin hits of the normal seasonal winter cold / flu season + impact of holiday travel and gatherings. Thank you!

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