Craving That Spicy

I’ve been visiting Kevin’s family for a long time now — almost 30 years. They always make sure we’re well fed, but most of them don’t like food as spicy as Kevin and I do. (My brother-in-law Shawn is the exception; he keeps plenty of hot sauce on hand.)

After a few days, Kev and I are usually craving spicy food, so it was very nice to discover there’s a new Indian restaurant, Namaste, literally across the street from our Los Gatos hotel. (


Me: I’d like some samosas, mango lassi, and a lamb vindaloo thali to go?

Them: For the lamb, spicy or not spicy?

Me (a little bewildered, because vindaloo is always supposed to be spicy): Spicy, please.

Them: American spicy or Indian spicy?

Me, laughing now: Indian spicy, please. [I restrained the urge to point to my brown forehead above the mask.]


It was very tasty, and I’d recommend them to you. (But it wasn’t all that spicy, after all that. 🙂 ) The thali meal comes with the main dish, rice, lentil curry, salad, raita, pickle, and gulab jamun! The samosas came with very tasty tamarind and cilantro chutneys — thick and well-flavored. Kavi and I both approved of the mango lassi, and we have high standards.

They just opened in late 2019, which must have been a terrible time to open a restaurant, so if you’re a local, do stop by and show them some love. Fine dining cuisine, with a nice lunch thali option.

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