Rick’s Ice Cream

Wednesday we came down to spend a day at Jed’s. The kids hadn’t been there before — Anand was amused by his portal gun. Mostly Kev and the kids lounged about for a day, while Jed and I ran around and did some last minute Christmas shopping (mostly stocking gifts, little food treats from Piazza’s).

We stopped at Rick’s Ice Cream in Palo Alto for some of their delicious ice cream — I often get some rose or kulfi ice cream there when I’m doing a Sri Lankan food event in the area, but they also have regular American ice cream flavors — I picked up some chocolate brownie for Anand. And right now, seasonal flavors too — the eggnog ice cream is YUM.

Gorgeous new honeycomb earrings a Christmas gift from Jed, work by Dan Percival‘s artist friend, Nya Van Leuvan: https://www.facebook.com/coralreef/posts/10225949293855203 — remember to pimp your artist and writer and small business friends, folks. You never know when you’ll get them some more sales, and thereby let them keep doing the work they love. 🙂

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