Boosted yesterday! No side effects aside from a sore arm (still sore today when I press on it, wouldn’t notice it otherwise).

IMPORTANT NOTE for Americans: Boosters were approved on Thursday for 16+ age group. Please take your 16+ high school student for their booster!

Was easy to schedule booster — jumped on Walgreens site, logged in, filled out form, scheduled appt. for 2 p.m. (at the 5222 Madison Walgreens, no waiting when I arrived, in-and-out in 15 minutes).

I’m not sure I really understand what’s going on with side effects generally — when I got my booster, the pharmacist asked me what side effects I’d had previously, and I told him nothing but a sore arm, and he said I shouldn’t experience anything more, because the booster was only a half-dose.

Is this accurate? Is this only relevant to Moderna? (I had Moderna originally for both, and a Moderna booster yesterday.) Just curious, because I know some people reported more side effects from their boosters, so I went to some effort to plan to get mine on a day when I didn’t have anything I had to do the next day.

Glad to be feeling good, though, as we’re having a little open house tomorrow, and I have a LOT of holiday decorating and treat-making to do today. 🙂

What do you think — would hot cocoa be good with passionfruit marshmallows? I think so, given that my passionfruit marshmallows dipped in chocolate are DELICIOUS.

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