My 5 a.m. Quest is Progressing Reasonably Well

My quest to switch to a 5 a.m. wake-up is progressing reasonably well, I think — I woke up at 5:40 today without an alarm, and though I lay in bed and read for a while (Laurie J. Marks‘s Fire Logic), and my eyes were kind of sleepy, so I took until 7-ish to actually start getting much done, I don’t feel overall exhausted, the way I did yesterday, so that’s a good sign. Self-induced jet lag, improving.

I’m nonetheless glad that I hired a TaskRabbit to come today and help with putting up outdoor Christmas — hanging lights and baubles and such. Kevin has a full day at the office today, the kids are in school, and I could, perhaps, do it all on my own, but I suspect I’d collapse at the end of it. Knowing-ones-limits = good. Goal by end-of-day –> winter wonderland, or reasonable approximation thereof.

I’m glad I waited ’til today, though, because it did finally warm up again, after several very cold days, and it’s quite pleasant working outside on yard stuff. Yay.

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