My Dad’s Christmas Date (Netflix)

Christmas movie on, iced cookies drying, pausing the baking and crafting to post some photos and answer a few e-mails, because my inbox has started meeping pathetically at me.

The movie is My Dad’s Christmas Date (Netflix) — I’m only about halfway through, so can’t give a full review yet, but this looks to be a pretty good one (though the title is totally meh, and I almost skipped it because of that).

Set in the U.K., so lots of yummy accents, dad and teen daughter, lost mum two years ago in a car accident, daughter posts dad’s profile to various dating sites, leading to a bewildering series of interactions with women who think they’re on dates with him when he has no idea.

But it’s not really a goofy hijinks kind of movie — mostly, it’s a pretty realistic drama about the two of them learning to move ahead, out of a pretty stuck and painful place. Strong dialogue, good characterization. And I *think* I know where they’re going with the romance aspect, and if I’m right, I approve. We’ll see!

UPDATE further: This really is a movie about grief, not romance. The title is v. misleading. And it’s very well done — I’m crying now.

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