We Broke $5K

We did break $5K last night, and more than 90 supporters — thanks so much, folks!


Facebook is still throttling my ability to tag in my friends so they can actually SEE these posts, which is more than frustrating. At this point, with five hours left in the fundraiser, I think we’re probably looking at relaunching it — I’m reading materials now on how to successfully re-launch a Kickstarter.

There are things we could do the second time around that might improve participation, but honestly, the biggest issue is just getting it in front of people. I did try running a FB ad this time around, but as far as I can tell, that did almost nothing. I just don’t think that’s an effective means of getting the word out about a non-profit project. (It may work fine for selling product, I don’t know.)

And I’m not sure what the fix is — we have an e-mail list, but people get so much spam, I suspect our e-mails often get sent to spam or promotions, and again, people who’d want to support the project just don’t see it. It’s all leaving me pretty concerned about the future of crowdfunding, and about just…communicating, going forward.

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