The Project of My Heart

Folks, it’s Giving Tuesday, and also the last day of my non-profit Kickstarter. I’ve been asking all month for people to like / comment / share my posts about the Portolan Project, but today, I’m asking you to contribute.…/the-slfs-portolan-writing…

This is the project of my heart — bringing free writing lessons to the world, the culmination of thirty years of writing and teaching. If you’ve enjoyed my writing over the years; if something I’ve written has touched you, or changed your perspective, I’m asking you today — don’t buy my book to thank me. Donate to this project instead, in whatever amount you can.

There are so many barriers to writing and publishing; it can be so hard, especially for people from marginalized and underprivileged backgrounds, to get their voices heard. I believe that writing, telling our stories, is one of the most significant ways we can change the world. And we NEED all those voices to be heard, to create a better world for EVERYONE.

We’re at almost $4000 pledged right now, with 29 hours to go, and $9500 to go. That’s a hard lift, honestly — in my experience with fundraising, people tend to be more likely to give if you’re almost at your goal, and they think they might be able to help you over the top. Success tends to breed success.

But I also know that if we want to, we can absolutely hit that goal today. Can you help? Let’s hit $4000 in the next hour. Let’s hit $5000 by 9 a.m. We can totally do this.

If you can chip in even a little — $5 or $10 would be great — that would be so appreciated, and absolutely helpful. The more people who donate, the more visible the project becomes, and the more likely others will donate. If you pledge more, there are some fun rewards — the most exciting ones, I think, give you the opportunity to nominate people for us to interview on our podcast.

• Pledge $30 or more: NOMINATE 3 PODCAST GUESTS

Along with one year of SLF membership (value $24), you get to nominate up to three guests for our podcast — we’re currently beginning to schedule year two! We’d love to know which writers, editors, agents, game designers, etc. you’d love to hear from — and yes, you can nominate yourself. Ben and Mary Anne will start their brainstorming list for year two with your suggestions, so get them in early! (NOTE: Priority consideration will be given to those donating at the higher $200 level below.)

Is there an author you love, questions you’d like to ask them? Tell us whose voice you’d like to hear more of!

Education is the silver bullet, folks — this is how we change the world, for the better. And though I’ve worked in traditional education systems all my life — I teach at a university, and serve on our local high school board now — I also know that there are so many people, the world over, who don’t have access to that kind of education, or who simply find that kind of education isn’t working for them (for a host of reasons).

We can help people find their voices and learn how to tell their stories so others can hear. Will you join us?…/the-slfs-portolan-writing…

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