70 Backers

We hit 70 backers, woot! This is really important to me, having the number of backers grow — more important in a lot of ways than the actual amount we raise.

There’s a problem in non-profit fundraising, that so much of it is dependent on a very few wealthy donors, and however well-intentioned they are, their priorities will almost inevitably skew the priorities of the non-profit. So while we don’t want to discourage higher-end donors, certainly, it’s really important to me that the SLF’s work overall is supported in large part by lots and lots of small donors.

If lots of people are willing to chip in $5 or $10 to your project, to me, that says that you’re doing something that will actually matter to a lot of people. Which is the entire goal, after all.


(If you haven’t figured it out, this is basically all I’m doing today, tracking this Kickstarter.)

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