Visibility is Critical

Good morning, folks! Let me tell you about the Portolan Project, our new effort to provide FREE creative writing and lit classes…to the world!

You’re going to see me making a big push the next few days because we’re getting towards the tail end of our SLF Kickstarter, and we’re only about 1/4 funded ($3080 out of $13,500, with 50 backers so far). This is typical for Kickstarters — there’s usually a U-shaped curve, with a spike at the beginning, quiet for most of the month, and then a spike at the end.

The question is, in the next 3 days, can we get sufficient pledges to fund? Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, so I suppose if not, the real consequence is that we apologize to everyone who pledged to fund and were disappointed, and then we regroup and think about trying again, perhaps with a smaller goal. Frustrating, though, and it eats up a lot of my time, running crowdfunding campaigns, time that I’d rather spend, in this case, actually developing the free writing lessons that we’re trying to create for the world…

So, short version, please visit our Kickstarter, take a look, support if you can, and like / comment / share! Visibility is so critical for the next three days! It’s everything.…/the-slfs-portolan-writing…

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