Random Comment Re: Clothes and Tailoring

Pulling out a random comment of mine from a friend’s post, in case it’s of general use to some of you, re: clothes and tailoring:

a) Most women are unhappy with their clothes most of the time, I think. It’s sad. I blame the patriarchy, among other things.

b) It’s worth taking some time to figure out what styles make you happy. For sleeves, for example, if you keep pushing them up, then I’d recommend going to a big store (something like Nordstrom) and trying on a bunch of tops with 3/4 length, elbow-length, short sleeves, and tanks. Walk around in them for a while, see what feels comfortable. I’m also a sleeve-push-upper, and dressing up a bit, I mostly wear tank dresses / tops + cardigans when it’s cold (and I’m often pushing up the sleeves on the latter). Once you know what style of sleeve is most comfortable / flattering / happy for you, you can save a lot of shopping time too, as you’ll walk right by a ton of otherwise pretty clothes that don’t work for you.

c) Tailoring is seriously a thing. The human whose body actually replicates that of a standard dress form is exceedingly rare.

I think most women don’t realize the extent to which wealthier / celebrity women have all their clothes tailored. I can’t afford to do that, but I took a $60 sewing class with my local park district (4 two-hour sessions), and that gave me enough to go on. Now I can do what the celebrities do — buy clothes a size up, and then take them in to fit me as necessary, skimming my body without clinging where I don’t want it to cling, etc.

Since I lift a little bit, my arms and upper back have muscles that clothing manufacturers don’t expect women to have, so I’m a size larger there than I am in the torso. I also often change the length, because I’m 5’0″, and it’s rare to find clothes scaled correctly for my height, esp. since I prefer an above-the-knee skirt length.

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