New Coffee Table(s)

I’m happy with them — we had storage ottomans here from Target for a long time, but they’d gotten pretty battered, and they also took up a lot of space in my small living room, which gets pretty crowded in winter when I bring all the tropical plants in.

We’re in an 1885 Victorian, so lots of small rooms — our configuration is small front parlor, dining room, small back parlor. I’ve moved the storage ottomans to the front room, which has been going without coffee tables entirely, more on those anon.


I like these for several reasons:

• not upholstered tops means easy to put down drinks and food! The storage ottomans were great when the kids were small for keeping toys corralled, but much less necessary now.

• they’ll mostly stay in this configuration, but if I ever need to compress or expand the circles, I can (flexibility for the win)

• the shorter one has no rim, and is some kind of sturdy material, so comfortable to rest feet / legs on

• the taller one has a rim, good for keeping things from falling off

• the rounded shape makes it easier for us to move through a crowded space

• the open base makes the room feel a little more open / bigger

• the mixed media tops are interesting (and the grey one balances Ellie’s fluffy round grey dog bed) — if you don’t like the grey concrete look, they also have it available in a complementary dark wood

• all the coffee and end tables in the room are now round-ish, which makes for a harmonious effect

• assembly was minimal and easy

• currently $149 for the pair at Wayfair (link in comments)

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