Caught Up on Some TV Last Night

. The first episode of Discovery was great, though I definitely felt a little bit scolded by the Federation President towards the end of the episode; it’s not so comfortable realizing that you and the captain (woot! They finally made Burnham a full-fledged captain!) might have similar ISSUES.

If this entire season of Discovery ends up being basically therapy for Burnham, and by extension for me….well, I suppose it will be good for me. Therapy generally has been. Let’s fly!


The first two Wheel of Time episodes were good fun (v. dramatic, much gore in first episode), then I had to sleep. Looking forward to watching the third with Kev tonight. If you like GoT and/or LotR, you probably would enjoy checking these out. It’s not HBO, so I’m guessing there’ll be much less sex than GoT; it might also be less rapey. Can’t promise that, though.

I gather there’s a change in Perrin’s backstory that upsets some people, but it turns out I don’t remember the books AT ALL — they were entirely forgettable for me, even though I read 6-7 of them in college before throwing one against the wall. 🙂

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