Tricky Selfies

It really is a little tricky taking selfies that show both a mask and a skirt. But I have persevered, just for you — it’s Monday teaching’s pandemic fashion, and we’re clearly going for the cozy librarian look, aka, “It’s almost winter, and all I want to do is fall asleep in a stack of books for three months, like unto a dragon with their hoard…”

(This is a Modcloth skirt that was longer than needed; I shortened it and used the extra 6″ length to make a mask. Funny moment on the airport shuttle last night when someone, astonished, asked me where I’d found a mask/blouse combo…)

Got in very late last night, very sleepy this morning, not sure the tea is going to be sufficient, might have to resort to coffee at some point. But I managed to get dressed, which I consider quite the triumph.

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