All Hail Boredom, the Great Teacher

I call this: “The internet was out for hours this morning, and I’m cranky because there’s new DLC (downloadable content) for a game I like, and I couldn’t download it, but at least I have a book.”

Anand has gone from an extremely reluctant reader barely at grade level to one who’s now in the 99th percentile. This just happened in 6th grade, basically overnight. I take no credit for it — all of our reading to the kids when they were small, extolling the virtues of books, having a mom whose job was to write books, etc., had no discernible effect. Honestly, I rather despaired of them ever enjoying reading or being able to read well and fast, and it seriously bummed me out.

I think it took being bored in school, being allowed to read in slow stretches, and realizing that reading was at least marginally more fun than just sitting there being bored that tipped Anand over into a happy reader.

All hail boredom, the great teacher. 🙂

(Kavi still strongly prefers TV, but I have new hope that we’ll get her eventually…)

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