TV + Crafting = Perfect Combination

Sewed up some Unicorn Woods tea towels for tomorrow’s Bazaar. Have been watching a fair bit of TV lately while finishing up various items — I’ve finished catching up on Death in Paradise, for one. Ten seasons of rather goofy murder mysteries, often quite convoluted and implausible, but the recurring characters are quite charming, and somehow that carries the show.

Caught up on Great British Baking Show too, continues enjoyable.

Also watched a movie on Netflix with Jed, the 2011 Three Musketeers, which is extremely ridiculous and charming, should you want a heist-type movie with a period setting. I think my favorite bit was the lasers. Not really lasers, but effectively lasers. You’ll see. 🙂

And last night, the family snuggled up in the basement with popcorn and all watched Black Widow, which I’ve been meaning to watch for a while. It was a very *satisfying* movie, even knowing what’s going to happen to Natasha later (in End Game). The end had certain echoes to the end of Buffy, which was also very satisfying. Interested to see where they take it next.

Now I’ve started rewatching Westworld, which I started a long time ago, but needed a break from the gore and violence. It works better for me to have it on while I’m doing craft stuff, so I don’t have to directly watch the grossest parts. Still interested in where they take it plot / thematic-wise.

TV + crafting = perfect combination.

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