Some Productive Work Done

School board meeting done — a relatively short one, only 2 hours and 45 minutes. Am still pretty darn exhausted. But I think we got some good, productive work done tonight, addressing issues as diverse as:

– the tax levy
– sex education in public high schools
– childcare coverage to allow more people to serve as board members
– expanding school health screenings (like the vision screening we do in kindergarten) to start considering other aspects of dental, physical, and mental health as well
– and a whole lot more; jam-packed meeting tonight

– oh, and I wished everyone in our community a happy Diwali, speaking for just myself, and not the board as a whole, and also in a very secular kind of way, as I’m not religious — more light against the darkness for everyone!

Now, I’m going to eat second dinner, then fall into bed.

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