Math Is Everywhere

Another HOUR of math today, relearning algebra to help Kavi study for her final exam. Please admire my neat notes that I actually understand, yay me.


Me, at the start of our work session: It’s too dim and depressing in this room for me to do math. Hang on — I’m going to light some candles. Besides, today’s the first day of Diwali, so we’re supposed to be lighting diyas anyway. [diya pictured in center of table]

Kavi: I wonder what my math teacher would do if I came into the test tomorrow and said that it was too depressing to do math like this, and started lighting candles…


Kevin and Kavi kindly let me out of the review of factoring because I have a school board meeting tonight; I had to finish reviewing the board meeting documents beforehand, including considering the proposed tax levy from the administration, current CPI, the decision of whether we should take the levy or not, what not taking it will do in terms of delaying plans (keeping in mind that delays to things like necessary routine maintenance often cost more money down the line) — hey! These sneaky people have me doing math too!

Math is everywhere. It’s going to get you. You might as well surrender now. In the end, it will consume us all.

Happy Diwali!

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