Two spec lit. queries for a student of mine:

– for one piece, he’s working on time travel, looking at mechanical TT versus embodied time travel, with the focus much more on the latter (such as what you see in Butler’s Kindred, or Andrea Hairston‘s Redwood and Wildfire). He’d love more recommendations of the latter — and actually, I’m going to encourage him to consider adding embodied teleportation as well, mostly so I can make him read Alfred Bester’s _The Stars My Destination_.

– for another piece, he’s interested in ‘uncanny spaces’ — this idea isn’t as developed yet, but for example, the weird worlds of Jeff VanderMeer. Other texts that center on similar spaces?

I’m not looking for comprehensive lists here (please don’t deluge me with every time travel TV show you’ve ever seen), but rather, if there’s a text where you’re thinking “Oh, he MUST read this,” or “I really LOVE what this author does with this here,” that’d be great to know. Thanks!

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