I Need to FINISH Some Things

Jeez, I need to FINISH some things. I was supposed to send something to my local writing workshop last week, and we’re critiquing tonight, and Julie just reminded me, and so I sent them the chaos below.

As you can see, there are actually quite a few kids’ books in here, that I probably should finish writing, and then figure out where one goes about submitting early readers and middle grade — I have NO CLUE how that process works. I have a few friends who write middle grade, I think — I should ask them. I’m not sure I know anyone who does early reader?

(ALSO, I need a sabbatical, so I can finish some of these books (and all the other books in progress). I desperately need a sabbatical. You’d think summer would be enough, but it just isn’t. I’m not eligible for a sabbatical, so I think I need to start thinking more seriously about how I can make one for myself, by bumping up Patreon supporters or some such, so we can afford to have me ask my department to let me take a semester off from teaching.)


Folks, I’m sending along a few things, and I’d welcome your thoughts on any of them you have time to look at. I don’t THINK I’ve shown you any of these before. This semester is kicking my butt. Even if you want to just glance through and tell me what to work on next, that would be helpful. 🙂 Actually, Mairi’s Wedding is overdue, so that’ll be next, but after that?

1) “Mairi’s Wedding” (science fiction, first scene, one page)
2) “Anjali’s Naughty Day” (early reader, first two scenes)
3) “The Midnight Ride” (early reader, complete story, about 10 pages)
4) Haven (fantasy middle grade, first chapter)

5) first chapter of _Pretty Little Boxes_ (mainstream college novel, YA first chapter)


(P.S. — it just occurred to me that ‘Jeez’ is probably an abbreviation of ‘Jesus’? I never thought about that before.)

Photo of me, teaching on Zoom today, so I’m wearing slightly cozier clothes than I might’ve otherwise — I dress up a bit more when going to campus. You can’t see my sweatpants in this pic, but trust me, they’re there. It’s a little chilly in my house right now — my fingers and nose are cold, so it’s probably time to start putting up the weatherproofing interior (we put plastic and weatherstripping tape over the old, leaky windows on the first floor every year). Am wearing one of my tardigrade scarves for a little extra warmth in the meantime.

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