Going Auburn

I wouldn’t say the grading all got DONE this morning, but I got enough of it done that I could go in and teach in good conscience. I should be able to finish it tonight, if I don’t fall asleep — I promised the students I would, so I may have to have Jed and Kevin harass me to stay awake long enough….

Monday’s teaching pandemic fashion features a new thrifted dress from Trends Oak Park, wearing for the first time. I LOVE it even though it didn’t have enough extra fabric for me to make a matching mask. I’m wearing my fox mask instead, which has similar colors and is nicely autumnal.

I have too many clothes, because I love prints and fabric so much, but I’m trying to winnow, and in the process, figure out my ‘style’. (At age 50!)

I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one style, but my closet is now leaning towards:

– neutrals (like this), in white / cream / grey / brown / rose pink, which look good on my skin
– bright jewel tones, which also look good on my skin
– desi tunics, especially in block print, often with bits of gold / silver embroidery or detailing
– starry clothes & fantasy / medieval-ish (which is professional garb for a speculative fiction writer!)

– botanicals — small-scale and medium prints mostly, but occasionally a big print will sneak in; I like feeling like I’m covered in climbing flowers.

Okay, the people that preach the virtues of a capsule wardrobe would despair of me, but I swear, I’ve really narrowed it down from the wild eclecticism I used to have 🙂

This may be the last of the pink hair for a while — I think I’m going to go auburn this week for the tail end of autumn.

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