Two interesting notes about Kavi’s costume:

– she has a congenitally missing tooth, which normally she wears a retainer for, with a temporary tooth — she can’t get an implant until she’s older. You can’t see it in this photo, but today, Kavi chose not to wear her retainer, because she thought the missing tooth was more pirate-y. 🙂

– I came down this morning to find that Anand had helped Kavi lace up her corset, and they’d pulled it really, really tight. The ribbons were very uneven, so Mama may have used the opportunity of straightening the ribbons out, to also loosen the corset a fair bit. Kavi SAID she was fine with it pulled that tight, but she’s got an entire school day to get through, with lots of running up and down stairs, and the last thing I want is for her to faint because she hasn’t given herself enough breathing capacity.

Before all the corset-defenders come out, I’m not saying anything against corsets. I own a couple — I also definitely have gotten very light-headed while wearing them tightly laced up for photo shoots.

You need to know what you’re doing with these things, and I think a growing 14-year-old with an active day needs her full lung capacity at all times.

“The constriction of the corset, if too tight, prevents the lower lobes of the lungs from fully expanding when taking a breath. This isn’t uncomfortable once the wearer gets acclimated to this restriction.” — Wikipedia


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