Bit of a Rough Morning

Oof. Bit of a rough morning — had a really hard time falling asleep last night, for no good reason. Think I fell asleep around 2 a.m. Then Kavi overslept, so I ended up having to get up and run her into school so she wouldn’t be too late (usually she walks herself in, 30 minutes).

Am moving very slowly this morning as a result, and probably going to have to scale back some of my plans for the day. But that’s okay — I’m working on a big scarf & mask order mostly today, and the recipient isn’t in a major hurry, so I think she’ll be fine if it takes me a day or two extra to finish it up.

A little wistful working on this particular infinity scarf — I’m using up the last of this outer space fabric that I really love, and which, I think, was the first one I used for masks at the start of the pandemic. I sewed Anand a mask in this fabric, way back when. It’s not a Spoonflower pattern, just something I found at Jo-Ann, so I can’t get it in other fabrics like jersey and chiffon. So I’m going to go ahead and retire it from the fabrics I offer.

Mostly, my plan is to use up the cotton fabrics I bought for making masks, of which I still have quite a bit on hand, and slowly shift to mostly offering my own designs, as I become more practiced at designing. But since everything on Spoonflower is custom anyway, I might still be able to offer custom orders for the Spoonflower fabric of your choice, though it’d cost a bit more than fabric I already have on hand. We’ll see — something to think about going forward.

Oh — I have a TV recommendation for you, on BritBox. It’s Kirstie’s Vintages Homes, and I’m finishing up the first episode now and really liking it. Geared towards helping people make their homes beautiful without spending a lot of money, with a lot of handmade touches.

She does a combination of teaching people crafting with experts they bring in (in the first episode, they did quilting, appliqué, concrete-mixing, screenprinting, and spray-painting letters) and taking them vintage treasure hunting, finishing with a very coherent home design. It’s kind of my ideal sort of structure for this kind of show — I wish there were more like this! But glad I found it.

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