Let’s Play To Our Strengths

Me, realizing Anand’s homework last night involved computer tasks I find particularly annoying, but which Kavi does with ease:

Hey, kids — can I make you a deal? Kavi, if you help Anand with his homework for the next twenty minutes, I’ll make chocolate-chip scones.

Kavi: Deal!

Anand: It doesn’t seem like I’m doing anything for the deal, since I’m just getting help with the homework I’d have to do anyway.

Me: Your job is not being cranky and obstructionist when Kavi is trying to help you with your homework.

Anand: Okay, that seems fair.


A little later, me, texting: Kevin, Anand’s done, but can you come down and help Kavi with her math homework? She’s supposed to find the greatest common factor, and I know I knew how to do that once, but I have no idea how to do it now.

Kevin comes down, runs through a quick explanation, then says: There you go!

Kavi, indignantly: No! No ‘there you go!’

Me: I agree with Kavi. No ‘there you go!’

Kevin, laughing: Okay, let’s work through the first problem together. [He ended up working through the first 9 problems with her, but she finished the last 3 on her own.]

Meanwhile, I made scones. To each according to their abilities, say I. Let’s play to our strengths. 🙂

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