A Scarf, Probably

For Roshani Anandappa‘s upcoming 50th birthday (tomorrow!), I got her some nice yarn and a case with knitting needles, etc. as I attempt to seduce her back to knitting. (She’s done a bit before, but tends to default to crochet, and I love crochet, but I also love knitting, and I think if she gets over the beginner hump, she will also love knitting.)

The really fun part was having an excuse to set up my ball winder and swift, so we could make some center-pull balls of the Malabrigo yarn for her. It’s like magic, watching the yarn spin off the swift and onto the ball-winder. I adore well-designed tools.

I also balled up a skein of rainbow yarn — I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet, but something for one of the kids, I suspect. A scarf, probably.

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