Remember That Magazine Idea?

So, you remember that magazine idea I had, sort of feminist and cultural takes on all things domestic?

We kind of put that on hold with the pandemic, and I’m not ready to pick it up full force yet (where we’d be inviting and editing other contributors), but we realized at a staff meeting yesterday that I’m actually ALREADY creating enough content every month for a mini-magazine; it’s just distributed randomly across Facebook.

So we were thinking we’d put together something like this:

Each month:
– 2-3 recipes with notes
– 2-3 garden journal posts
– 1-2 sewing posts
– 1-2 home decor post
– 1-2 other arts posts (as I dabble in soap, candles, resin, etc.)

– some random politics / parenting / health posts as they come up

Essentially it’s like Martha Stewart Living, but from me. 🙂 I did have a friend who insisted on calling me the Sri Lankan Martha Stewart.

And then the Serendib team would take all this, turn it into a nicely formatted PDF / Kindle file, so it’s pretty to browse with lots of pictures. We’d offer it two ways:

– to Patreon subscribers (maybe $4 / month level?)

– directly on Amazon as a Kindle magazine ($5 / issue, with discounts for subscribing for a year — 12 issues for $48)

Thoughts? Is this something that might appeal to any of you? Essentially it’s the same content I put out for free every month, but conveniently packaged so it can be browsed like a magazine. And I might edit it so each month has a little more coherence to it, and maybe a monthly ‘Letter from Mary Anne’ to start things off…

I’m thinking we’d just call it Serendib House. There would, of course, be cat pics. 🙂

The huge plus side of this is that once it’s up and running, it would require almost no new work from me; it’s mostly stuff my staff can put together from what I’m already writing. But there’s no point in taking the time to put it together in these forms unless people are actually interested…

If you’re interested in either the Patreon or Kindle versions, it’d be super-helpful if you could comment below! Also if there’s any in particular you’d like to see in there, do let me know.

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