It’s not as easy to add pockets as you might think — if you’re trying to do invisible pockets in the side seam, you really do want matching fabric, because it’s likely to gape a bit, especialy when you’re actually using said pocket. So you can’t just assume you can add pockets to any dress. But if you cut off a bunch of extra fabric from a long kurta, then you should have no trouble using that fabric to add pockets.

Well, maybe some trouble.

I didn’t use a pattern — I freehanded a pocket and sewed it in. Two of them, actually.

The first pocket took about an hour and a half, because I had to rip seams open and redo it something like 4 times because I kept getting the orientation wrong, gah. The second pocket took 10 minutes.

On the plus side, I think I’ve got the process down now, so hopefully future pockets will be more in the 10 minute range. 🙂

What has she got in her pocketses?

Whatever she wants, because pocketses!

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