Little Kitchen Improvement

Kavi goes through a lot of cereal sometimes, so it’s nice to have it out on the counter, but the Kellogg’s packaging is jarring and distracting to me — too much visual clutter and I start having a hard time concentrating, which I guess is an ADD thing. So even though it feels a little silly to have everything in glass jars and such, if they’re going to be out on the counter in everyday view, it really helps.

I hunted around for a while to find something I liked that would hold an entire cereal box’s worth of cereal — there are lots of options, but many have plastic lids and are designed for young kids to be able to pour from them, which is great, but not what we needed here. So I ended up with this, which is billed as an ‘egg jar’, and you could totally store eggs in it, esp. if you had backyard chickens, but instead, we have cereal. Wood scoop ordered separately should be here on Thursday. 🙂…/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title…

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  1. I’m thinking they are called egg jars because traditional English pubs had big jars of pickled eggs which looked exactly like that. You’d get a pickled egg to go with your beer. I don’t get it myself, but Adrian loves finding a pub traditional enough to still have the jar of pickled eggs.

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