Portolan Project Phase 1 Kickstarter

Okay, Portolan Project Phase 1 Kickstarter submitted for approval. Fingers crossed it’s approved, and we can launch on October 1st — if you love me (or just appreciate the work I do for the writing / lit. community), please help spread the word, and/or donate if you’re in a position to do so.

This project is basically my baby for the next 5-10 years, I think. You’re going to hear me talking about it a LOT. We now have TEN of the Deep Dives modules ready (thanks to Summer van Houten and Paul Goerner); it’s very exciting. 🙂

Paolo Bacigalupi on writing solutions in values fiction
Vida Cruz on increasing international participation
S.B. Divya (Divya Srinivasan Breed) on editorial gatekeeping
Cory Doctorow on copyright versus creative commons licensing
Ajit George on representation in game writing
Liz Gorinsky on approaches to the editorial process
Nalo Hopkinson on using vernacular speech in storytelling
George R.R. Martin on the importance of fact in science fiction
Silvia Moreno-Garcia on publishing science fiction

Scott Woods on creative community organizing

Check them out here:


If you’d like to be tagged into our Kickstarter launch day post, please comment below, and I’ll be very happy to do so. It really helps having a nice big surge of support on launch day!

That’s one of my three tasks that I’ve been procrastinating on that really HAD to get done today. I can feel a little tension has dropped out of my shoulders. Lunch break, then on to the next one.

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