Kavi’s Homecoming Dress

Last night, Kevin and I tried pinning up Kavi’s homecoming dress so she could figure out what length she wanted. We knew that she’d have to have me hem it some, because it trails on the floor (she’s about an inch taller than me, so 5’1″), and she was very firm that she did NOT want to wear heels. Kavi is pro-comfort in her dress. Also, I think this is going to be outdoors, possibly in the grass, so heels are definitely not ideal!

I think ankle-length would’ve looked fine, but Kavi was fretting that homecoming is not as formal as prom. I have not been to a homecoming ever (and neither has Kevin), so we really have no clue, but happy to follow her lead.

There are three layers of thin fabric, so pinning it up was something of a challenge. We tried just folding the pinned version up again (without unpinning) to get it to knee-length (third pic), but that gave it a really goofy poofiness at the bottom that made it hard for her to assess.

We unpinned it all and tried again, pinning it up pretty much at her waist to get it to knee-length. Not the neatest pinning job! Can I blame Kevin for the goofy bits? 🙂 But I was glad for the help, because I was pretty darn tired, and Kavi decided it was good enough to give her a sense of it. She wants knee-length, which I think will be very cute.

I was definitely too tired to risk cutting last night, so I put a pin in at knee-length on her, unpinned it all, and I think tonight I’ll try cutting and hemming it. Three layers, which means cutting and hemming three times, fun for me. But worth it to give her an outfit she absolutely loves.

All that fabric being cut off means it’ll be easy to make her a matching mask. I *think* I’ll even have enough that I could make her a matching cape, but Kavi did NOT think that was a good idea. Ah well!

Kavi also decided she doesn’t want dress flats, and is going to wear her new black boots with it (pictured), sort of the Doc Marten look of my own college years (the 90s). She thinks it’s a goth look, but I think those boots are more grunge, if I’m remembering right? Regardless, I think she’ll look great. 🙂

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