Video for the Portolan Project Kickstarter

I’ve been avoiding making this 2 min. Kickstarter video for a few weeks now, but today I finally geared up and just did it. One take, and while it’s not perfect, I think it’s good enough, which is good, because I honestly don’t think I have another take in me right now. Just call me one-take-Mary Anne from now on….

I’m not positive when the Kickstarter will launch; I’m going to make final reviews of it in the next hours, and then submit it to Kickstarter — possibly launching as soon as Monday. Fingers crossed. Please comment below if you’d like to be tagged into the launch announcement. We could really use help getting the word out.

I have to decide today how much to set the goal for — if we aim to fund 90 more modules (we pay $150 honorariums to teachers designing each module for us), bringing us to a full 100 for the end of Phase 1 (which would be enough for us to design several ‘courses’ using the modules), that’s $13,500. I’d really like us to also add a paid internship to the SLF for this fall, so let’s say $1500 for that, bringing the total to $15,000.

That’s a big number, it makes me a little nervous (esp. since Kickstarter is all-or-nothing), but on the other hand, this is a big project. I kind of think we should just go for it.


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