Everyone Can Be a Murderer

Quick TV note that I have finished Vera (10 1/3 seasons!), and am hoping that it will make me a little better at writing villains. Vera seems to think basically everyone could be a murderer given the right set of circumstances, and I’m afraid she’s probably right.

I spent the weekend binging all 3 seasons of The Detectorists, which is a totally charming and very gentle show featuring a club of British metal dectectorists. (19 30 min. episodes)

Seen all of Schitt’s Creek? All caught up with Ted Lasso? Yearning for something with the tenor of the Great British Baking Show? If you’re looking for sweet character-based slow-paced TV, this is for you. On Acorn, various other options.

Going to try Brokenwood Mysteries next.

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