I Guess I’ll Bring a Book

Slow start today; slept in a bit, still a little tired, but better than yesterday. Watching Vera while knitting another couple of rows on my Autopilot cowl = nice start to Saturday morning.

Later today will be checking in with the SLF peeps who show up for co-writing at 11, mowing the front lawn, continuing to organize the basement (I’ll be finished with this task SOMEDAY), sewing some masks to fulfill orders, packing up some homemade curry powder and signed cookbooks to ship out, teaching a Zoom cooking class at 2, and taking Kavi and a friend shopping at the mall at 3.

I’m a little unclear on whether she’ll want me to actually come to stores with them, or just sit down somewhere and wait for them. What are the 14-year-old teenager protocols?

I guess I’ll bring a book. 🙂

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