Only Clean Rooms

Y’all know I only photograph the rooms that are clean, right? At any given moment, please assume only one of the rooms in my house is actually clean and well-organized. 🙂 I’m missing a candle here, and I didn’t iron the tablecloth and now the wrinkles are bothering me a bit, but I decided to photograph it anyway…

It was satisfying putting up autumn in the dining room yesterday. Also this week, I cleared out all the neglected (dead) plants out of the little terrarium and reset with new plants.

If I just remember to water a little bit every few weeks, they’ll actually survive, and bring some welcome greenery to winter. Watering regularly was beyond me this past year, but hopefully the next will be better.

For decor, I’m shifting away from fragile things that require careful packing — I gave away my glass pumpkins yesterday — and also from gourds and such that will eventually rot and need to be replaced next year. Trying to think through what makes seasonal decorating fun and sustainable for me, without taking up too much of my time…

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