Dinner last night from Habrae, new Thai restaurant walking distance from my house, in Forest Park on Madison, just before you get to Circle. Bangkok cuisine, quite different from most of the other Thai restaurants we usually go to. They’ve started with a soft opening, and an emphasis on sweets and cafe snacks, but are extending their menu now to start including savory dinner items.

I liked everything I tried there — it was all tasty. Steamed shumai, chicken puffs (mostly potato and carrot with a little chicken, sweet), BBQ pork over noodles.

I asked the chef, Jumpol Prasitporn, for recommendations on the sweets, and he asked how open I was? I said very open, of course! 🙂

He then went through all the desserts/snacks with me, and I ended up picking up five of them to try out of sheer curiosity. Some are sweet (ube with coconut milk), some much more salty (charcoal and pandan pudding), some require a little heating in a damp cloth in the microwave to be their gelatinous, slightly sweet floral best (the little molded pink flowers). The mung bean dessert has egg on the top! All super-interesting to me! I’ll be nibbling them for the rest of the week.


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