Pandemic Fashion

Several of my students as we were leaving class yesterday, “Your matching masks and clothing are cool!”

Me: Thanks!

Them: “How do you do that? Did you buy those or make them?”

Me: “I sewed them myself.”

Them, incredulous: “Even the shirts?”

Me: “I cut off the bottoms and hemmed them, then used the extra to make masks.”


So there you go — college students think my matching mask outfits are cool. 🙂

Experimenting with matching headband and mask combos. I like both of these — narrow knotted style, a little retro, and wide classic style. I did them in knit, so they have some stretch.

If Stephanie Bailey can easily add them to the store, we should be able to offer these as options too, going forward. Narrow or wide, with or without knot. This is in my own Morningstar Sedge design, but should be do-able with any fabric in my shop.

Headbands and scarves and such make the masks a little less of a glaring ‘thing’ on your face, and more just part of an overall ensemble.

Pandemic fashion. Who would have thought we’d get to this, two years ago?

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