On the Verge

Kavi’s high school started three weeks ago; she’s a freshman.

  • the first week, she made a bunch of friends and hung out with them at a park or at the library
  • the second week, more of that, but also, a group of friends walked her home and hung out on our porch, and later in the week, another boy asked if he could walk her home, which was not at all on his own way home. Also that week, she ended up on a date she didn’t realize was supposed to be a date (he asked if she’d come watch him play football!), and she had to clarify to the poor lad later that she didn’t want to go on a date with him.
  • this week, more of the group hanging out, but also, I just came upstairs to find Kavi hanging out on the couch in the living room with two boys. (Also her little brother in a chair across the room, whom they were kindly chatting with too.)

I mean, they could all just be friends and not romantically interested in Kavi at all. It’s possible. I did encourage her to bring friends home whenever, because I would very much like our house to be the safe hangout house for the teenagers. I will have an endless supply of snacks! Kavi hasn’t actually done any dating yet, as far as I know. But I think we may be on the verge.

I’m not ready, which is really pretty funny considering everything *I* got up to at her age (and younger). Guess I’d better GET ready…

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