Getting Dressed for Work

I admit, I actually like getting a little dressed up for work again. Sweatpants are wonderful in their way, but there’s a boost to the spirits, feeling nicely put together. In this case, with matching mask and scarf of my own “Perennial” design.

Stephanie Bailey, would it be hard to add the option of a matching scarf to the mask patterns we offer? It’d be in different fabrics (masks are in cotton, scarves I’d recommend in knit (pictured), jersey, or poly crepe de chine), so I’d need to order the fabric.

There’d be an extra week or so shipping time to add in there as a result, but it seems like a nice option for fall, if you’re a coordinated sort of person, or would like to give the appearance of being one. 🙂 Now I kind of want to try sewing a matching bow-tie…

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