Tuesday Afternoon Chill Time

Tuesday afternoon is chill time for me this semester. Watching Shetland (which I thought I’d seen, but no, haven’t, very good, totally have a bit of a crush on protagonist), and finally picked up some knitting again, after a long time away. It’s just been too hot, and it’s still hot out, but I feel like autumn is around the corner somehow.

This is a very simple cowl, Autopilot, designed to be knit without paying much attention, which is exactly what I need right now. Garter stitch, worked in the round. Round and round and round we go…

The yarn is beautiful enough to keep me from getting bored, the variegations leading to every stitch looking a little bit different. Malabrigos Rios in Hojas. Isn’t it a perfect yarn for autumn? I think so.

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