Productive Serendib Meeting Today

We reviewed the state of Vegan — getting there, getting there. Stephanie has built out the book text in inDesign, and we’re having recipe testers working.

I have a bunch of edits that Stephanie has flagged for me; I’m going to try to get those done in the next few days. There’ll be some recipes to make again, to take better photos. And *maybe* I might try to sneak one or two more in there; we’ll see. But a finish line is perhaps finally on the horizon…

We talked about doing some fall sales; we’re doing our first 25% off sale on autumn and Halloween themed fabrics, masks and tea towels and such. I think we should probably be a little more organized about doing sales and just being more business-y in general. We’re getting there, bit by bit.

I taught Darius and Ethan how to grind the roasted spices they made last time, and then how to pack it up for shipping out. Soon they’ll be master chefs, and with a bit of practice, they’ll be able to make the prettiest packages too. 🙂

Then we sat down and had a big discussion about how to reorganize my website so it actually looks like an author website. We’d gone and looked at lots of author websites and took notes, and then we talked about what we liked, and how to make my site look like that.

I had thought about hiring a designer, but both Ethan and Darius are interested in learning enough WordPress to make it happen, and the site is really pretty simple, so I’m going to let them take a first stab at it, at least. We can always bring in a designer if we need to, and the further they get with the re-org, the easier it’ll be for the designer at that point.

It’s one of my favorite things about having interns and former students as staff, though — seeing them discover what really interests them, watching them learn and grow.

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