Join Us for SLF Co-writing Sessions

Quick note that the SLF hosts co-writing from 11-2 CST on Saturdays, and I’m planning to attend throughout the fall (along with some of my students, hopefully). We used to reserve this for members, but we decided to throw it open to all, so come hang out with us.

We usually do about 10 minutes of chat at the top of the hour, then go into quiet writing mode for 45 minutes, then chat again, repeat. So join for an hour or two or three; coming at the top of the hour is ideal, though really, you can drop in anytime.

Hosted by Victor Jason Raymond, but I’m going to try to be there most of the fall as well. Feel free to work on something other than e-mail too — if you have some e-mail to get through, or drawing, or whatever. Just working and motivating in company….

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